Liucija Adomaite is a professional writer and copywriter with a visionary eye for upcoming communication trends. She embraces new ways of thinking and combines conceptual and multi-disciplinary approaches that aim for the fresh ideas out there. Her copywriting skills were gifted by nature and fueled by a decade of living in foreign cultures. She has a dynamic set of experiences stemming from the fields of media, culture, journalism, academia, and advertising. This makes her a truly capable talent to bring up-and-coming insights and fresh perspectives into products, services, and companies.


Liucija held a senior copywriter position at Leo Burnett advertising agency and worked in art galleries such as Serpentine Galleries and Arts Catalyst. Throughout the years, Liucija Adomaite contributed to a variety of international print and digital publications including L'Officiel, METAL, Teeth Magazine, Dazed&Confused, 370 Magazine, PIBE Magazine, Mother, "MOTERIS".

She has created compelling copy for a leading tech startup company Interactio that has collaborated with Microsoft, Web Summit and is an official partner of TEDx. In her free time, Liucija consults independent brands and designers about communication strategy and international recognition.

Currently, Liucija is creating viral content for Bored Panda, an online platform with 100 million monthly visitors. The audience of 500K+ people reads her copy on a daily basis.


Liucija Adomaite received her Master's degree in Comparative Literature from Leiden University. Before that, she studied at Goldsmiths College of London which is famous for its progressive vision of contemporary cultures.


Her academic focus is set on ways in which language and its devices get challenged by extreme conditions of human existence.

She is particularly interested in the therapeutic potential of figurative language when used to describe one's physical pain. Her other interests include the concept of illness in society and the cultural anatomy of the addicted brain.


Today, Liucija Adomaite has more than 10 years of professional writing experience. Her primary focus is set on the ever-changing dynamics of the current world. She investigates the terrain of contemporary reality in which concepts, identities, brands, societies, and human values are all interconnected.


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