Liucija Adomaite is a professional writer and editor. She is in perpetual search of peculiar angles to analyse and understand the complex terrain of our contemporary culture.

Liucija Adomaite is currently doing postgraduate studies on pain subject in literature at Leiden University. Her main focus is the problem of inexpressibility of pain and the potent possibilities that rest in figurative language and its devices. She is particularly interested in the metaphor use and its meaning making to describe one's pain. Her other interests include the ever-changing dynamics of illness in society and cultural anatomy of the addicted brain. 

Having contributed across a variety of international print and digital publications including L'Officiel, METAL, Teeth Magazine, Dazed&Confused, 370 Magazine, PIBE Magazine, Mother, "MOTERIS", held a senior copywriter position at Leo Burnett advertising agency, and worked in art galleries such as Serpentine Galleries and Arts Catalyst, her primary focus is set on the cultural horizons.