some of the stuff I did

WHAT did I do?

The xyz formula of viral content creation =

articles + interviews + captivating headlines + internet trends + more

My recent career adventure was creating and optimizing viral content for the award-winning online magazine Bored Panda which is part of BP, a tech-driven media company with 62B views/year. 500k+ people read my texts on a daily basis.

HOW did I do?

I hit the milestone of creating an article that was read by over 10 million organic visitors around the globe. It became the most-viewed article of all time on Bored Panda.

The article served as a fun recap of the not-so-fun year of 2020. It was quoted by various other media sources as a telltale summary of the year we won't forget that easily. It was featured in a viral YouTube video "The Real Ellen - The Bitter Truth Behind The Daytime Icon | TRO" that boasts 4,7M views to illustrate the point of one hell of a year.

Tech & Startups: Brand's tone of voice + use cases + UX copy + website development

Creative strategy + social media + copywriting

 And what do people think?

WHAT else?

clearly, this is not all you got


Advertising + Copywriting + Communication strategy

"Adrenalinas" award for the best advertising film, 2016. 

Product: "Salutil". Title: "The Good Guys Always Win".