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Published on 1st January 2016

Gucci S/S 16 campaign was sprinkled with antichristian dust

Gucci ss 2016 campaign is a clear mom fantasy about seeing her children grow and ripe into forever naive Exuperean princes and princesses instead of watching them bang their heads into Bahnhof Zoo wall of 70s Berlin days where they'd proudly infuse themselves into post-mortem psychotic drug infused delirium. The influence of aesthetics of "running" (away) is prominent as seen in one of those dark teenage anthems such as "Drugs in my body" by Thieves Like Us. A.M., a creative director of Gucci views the collection as sentimental. But its not. 18th century brocades are stripped off so badly, that nothing remains truly legal. As they talk about femininity and tapestries, they tend to skip the heavy layer of antichristian dust.